Grace and Frankie Season 2 Shows the Two Leading Ladies Moving On and Enjoying Life, Reports of Sol and Robert’s Marriage Surface!

Grace and Frankie Season 2 shows that the two ladies will have to listen to a lot of criticisms because of the decisions they will take. Frankie is shown talking about her sex life and her children will all cringe and ask her stop.

There is a hilarious moment when Grace is gifted a vibrator and she will think that it’s a microphone, only to be told by Frankie what it is.

The two ladies have decided that they will not let anything get their way. They have the support of each other and they will not let the disapproving glances spoil things for them. They know that after the kind of life changing moments that they have gone through, they at least have each other’s back, even if the world doesn’t.

According to Hypable, Grace and Frankie Season 2 might show the marriage between Sol and Robert. The two have kept their love affair secret from the whole world for all these years and are finally being able to express their true emotions. The two men are working on the vows for the wedding and it is very emotional.

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