Government Officials Spreading Awareness Of Zika Virus, Trials For Vaccination Initiated, Sen. Urges Congress To Pass Emergency Funding Bill

With Brazil facing a major outbreak of Zika virus, a team of scientists from the US and Sao Paulo in Brazil have been testing two vaccines on rhesus monkeys. One of the vaccines has been created from purified inactivated Zika virus. The other one is a DNA, which is similar to the other vaccines that are being tested on humans.

With vaccines for Zika virus being worked on and tested, there is a chance that the vaccine is soon going to be available for the public. In spite of the positive side of vaccination trials for Zika virus, there is still a belief that prevention is the best cure for the virus. The people in the neighborhood affected by the Zika virus have been asked to search and remove pools of standing water, which are breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

The President had asked for the emergency funding to fight the Zika virus, but after 165 days the Congress is yet to pass the bill. Sen. Schumer has said that Congress needs to act fast since it is public health that is on the line. The clinical trials for Zika virus are on the increase, and the vaccine looks like a possibility, but the Congress needs to act on the issue fast to increase the effort.

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