GoPro Hero 5: Rumored Release Date, Features 8K Resolution, 3D Images and Motion Capture, More News

It is also being speculated that the waterproof capability of the device will be enhanced. The device will come with a waterproof capability of 60 meters, which is 20 meters more than the previous installment.

According to a popular website, the camera will turn out excellent images even while shooting underwater. The underwater conditions won’t affect the quality of the images which will be sharp and vibrant. It also seems that the company has laid more emphasis on underwater shooting with the Hero 5, making it capable of sustaining deeper waters.

Unlike the GoPro 4, which had different features for its Black and White models, the GoPro 5 will come with all the necessary features incorporated in all the different models which will be available to consumers.

It is being said that the company is delaying the launch of the device to instill better specifications into in. The goal of the company is to make it one of the best next-gen action camcorders in the world.

The focus of the company clearly seems to be on quality regarding the Hero 5. It could be assumed that the company has an objective of presenting a more compact action camera to the users, which has the right amount of power and other necessary features to hold its position at the top of the market.

Stay tuned for more update on GoPro Hero 5.