GoPro Hero 5: Official Announcements Are Yet to be Made, Internet Goes Ga-Ga About the ‘Supposed’ Features that the Device Packs In!

GoPro is not in a rush to launch the Hero 5, since the Hero 4 failed to keep up with the expectations of the customers in terms of upgrades. While the enthusiasts had hoped for numerous upgraded features on the Hero 4, GoPro could not deliver on such a massive scale, hence, leading to a major fall in the share prices.

The company is not in a mood to disappoint again and are taking their time working on the upgrades and fixing the glitches. Hence, it is safe to assume that the upcoming product will be a complete package for the aspiring explorer.

Technical details on the camera are yet to arrive, even though the internet is filled with numerous reports claiming to be the ‘official tech specs’ of the Hero 5. Readers are advised to read such reports with a pinch of salt, since, we neither support nor deny any of the claims that the readers might come across.

What are your views on the GoPro Hero 5? Do you think that GoPro will be able to fulfill their promises, or are you skeptical about the scope of the Hero 5? Fil us in on your thoughts via the Comments Section below.

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