Gopro Hero 4 Session: Gets A Major Price Reduction, GoPro Sued Over Hero 4’s Design, And More

According to a renowned website, C&A had obtained a patent for the cube design for cameras in the US in May 2014. Both the GoPro Hero 4 Session and the Polaroid Cube have the identical cubical design with nearly the same shape and size.

The Session is available only in the black color while three variants of the Polaroid Cube were released with different colors which were red, black and turquoise. Apart from the design, both the cameras are similar in the specs department too.

Robert Jackson, a member of the US Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys explained that design patents are essentially short descriptions of what the pictures actually portray.

He further added that C&A are determined to prove that GoPro had indeed stolen their design and will leave no stone unturned in the course of doing so.

There has been a minor fall in GoPro’s stocks after the lawsuit was filed by C&A. The company might be in deep trouble because C&A is reportedly demanding that GoPro hand over all the profits that it has made so far by selling the Session to C&A in addition to the damages that GoPro will have to endure.

Stay tuned for more update on GoPro Hero 4 Session.