Google’s New Logo Is Quite Friendly and Better Suited While the New OnHub Router Has a Brain!

To most people, the home-router is highly essential but majority of them do not know how it works. Most people don’t have any idea regarding what needs to be done in case it screws up! Through OnHub, Google wishes to turn this passive internet-connectivity box into something that offers a more user-friendly access point for most devices in your home.

With OnHub, Google triumphs over Apple’s easy-based app setup with better troubleshooting and cloud-connected network management and furthermore, it is compatible with both IOS and Android. The Wi-Fi channels in your house are intelligently monitored with this device while searching for airwaves which are free of any neighboring Wi-Fi noise.

At the same time, various gadgets can be prioritized to receive uninterrupted streaming. You also gain the ability to run a check-up through the app which tests your Wi-Fi quality along with the connection from your router to your service provider.

You can also look at the various devices on your network and check out the biggest bandwidth users. You also gain the ability to easily share your Wi-Fi password with the person you wish to share your connection with and at the same time, you can become the manager of a network and access it remotely in order to figure out what troubles it might be having.

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