Google’s Latest Venture is Android N, Recent Updates and Release Date Speculated!

There shall be timely Chrome-like, pop-up updates, which we failed to see in the previous versions. This shall prevent users from a miss out on updates and later face inconvenience due to security glitches. These timely pop-ups shall ensure you are properly up to date, always.

Some of the features that are more practically useful are that this interface allows you to switch between apps faster. All one has to do it is tap the Overview key, twice and we can switch to and fro between apps. The Android N’s overview screen only allows one to see up to the last 7 apps that have been previously used, preventing a clutter from forming on the screen.

On some of the down sides, it can’t play all third party apps and they either keep crashing or just won’t start. There has also been reporting of apps crashing, even when they are not being used actively. Some lag can be noticed while scrolling at times and the apps which DO run are not absolutely controllable at all times.

However, these are only initial stumbles along the apps path, in what we can only imagine, its long and popular life that is to come ahead. Keep checking for more updates on this.