Google’s Driverless Car Project Bids Farewell to Chris Urmson, Krafcik Talks about the Concept of a Fully Autonomous Car

When he was at Hyundai and Ford, he thought that it wasn’t fair to the customers to be forced to make a choice regarding what is the safest way to equip their car.

While talking about the Tesla death, Krafcik said that it is a tragedy since Joshua Brown ended up losing his life. He pointed out that Joshua was one of the hundred people who died in automotive fatalities that day, in the US alone.

The statistic is 35,000 fatalities, which is an increase of 7% compared to last year. The number globally is 1.2 million. He said that it was like a 737 was crashing every hour of the day for a whole year.

Krafcik was asked about the role the government should play when promoting autonomous vehicles.

According to him, the government must introduce the regulatory framework so that people can feel confident about the fact that technology is evolving in the correct way, and it is safe too. It is not an easy task at all. Recently, it was declared by California that an additional level of licensing would be required to drive an L4 vehicle.

What do you think about Google’s driver-less car? Will you be one of the first to get your hands on one? Stay tuned for more updates on Google’s driver-less car!