God of War 4’s Release Could Coincide with the Launch of Sony’s PS4K, Nerdleaks Shuts down after Leaking the Details of the Game!

The most important photo among the ones leaked is the new version of Kratos, all decked out in Viking furs, axe in hand and beard adorning the chin. He is definitely Kratos and not a new Norse equivalent, which would still be an interesting decision. Sadly, there is no confirmation but gamers would be slightly disappointed if it turned out to be Kratos yet again.

According to most people, it seems like a new setting should come with a new hero as well. If this turns out to be true, this would be pretty much the only thing that gets veteran God of War gamers interested in this upcoming title. When first released, God of War 1 and 2 were the most interesting games but since then, the series has somehow lacked quite a bit.

If the game features a Norse setting, the Gods in Norse mythology have enough recognition to work well here. Once paired with the brilliant old war brutality featured in the previous God of War games, the upcoming installment should become a major success.

The wealth of concept art revealed by NerdLeaks clearly suggests that the fourth main installment in the series will be based on Norse Mythology. This further means that gamers can expect Kratos to be seen amidst Norse Gods like Odin, Thor along with other elves and dwarves. The authenticity of the images was further confirmed by Polygon.

Stay tuned for more updates on God of War 4!