God of War 4’s Release Could Coincide with the Launch of Sony’s PS4K, Nerdleaks Shuts down after Leaking the Details of the Game!

According to the latest reports, Kratos will be moving on to his next adventures as the plot of God of War 4 is said to revolve around Norse Mythology. Moreover, the next installment will feature much enhanced graphics as it will be released on the PS4.

The rumors started spreading when industry insider Shinobi602 posted the reportedly leaked concept of the new installment of the God of War game franchise. From the looks of it, Kratos will be moving on to the next setting, as reported by IGN.

The photo is still unavailable online and it displays Kratos in a Viking outfit and it comes with an axe in hand while displaying his trademark chin beard. However, there is also a possibility of the guy in the image being a counterpart of Kratos. Meanwhile, looking at the new weapon he is carrying, it will be interesting to see if he still wields his earlier weapon, the Blade of Chaos.

In the meantime, some fans have expressed their irritation about seeing Kratos again since they feel that his story his finally ended and moreover, a new face will be a welcome change to the franchise.

Osiris Black, a user further posted some details on NeoGAF regarding some details on how God of War will actually look like in the upcoming improved version of the PS4, or the PS4K console. Sony hasn’t released an official announcement regarding this issue.

The user wrote in the forum, “Info from a meeting we had yesterday. They stated that the GPU is twice as powerful as standard PS4 and much faster.” He further stated, “They did not say exactly how fast but that is was running at a higher clock speed while being much smaller than the original.”

The insider further added that the price of the upcoming console will be no more than 499 dollars. This probably sounds unfair to some PS4 owners and it has been out in the market for simply 3 years. Reports indicate that a trade-in program will be on the table but so far nothing has been guaranteed.

At the same time, the specs on the PS4 4K edition are yet to be decided. Moreover, the company is still deciding the price of the CPU to be installed in their upcoming console.

Nerdleaks went down after leaking the God of War 4 setting. Frankly speaking, this was supposed to happen at some point. If you remember, Kratos literally killed every other God in the Greek Pantheon, while going through Demigods and heroes while he was at it. Murder-wise, there is simply nothing left for him in the Greek Isles.

However, God of War 4 is happening and now; it looks like we have an idea of how Sony Santa Monica is planning to get around the narrative corner it has enclosed itself into. We could be heading towards North in order to slaughter some Norse Gods.

A series of tweets were recently issued by Industry Insider Shinobi602 and those suggested as much. This resulted in Nerdleaks doing a little more digging and sure enough, they got their hands on a host of screenshots and art which seemed to confirm a lot of things, a bearded Kratos and all the works. NerdLeaks is now offline and Sony doesn’t seem happy at all. Naturally, the photos have reached NeoGAF.