God of War 4 Will Be Highly Influenced By Resident Evil 3 And 4, Who Is the Mother of Kratos’ Son? Let’s See

God of War 4 was showcased at E3 2016 by SIE Santa Monica Studios, but it featured a very different Kratos. The changed Kratos seems like a great attraction in the upcoming game. With the introduction of Kratos’ son in God of War 4, SIE reeled in a lot of fan interest.

According to Cory Barlog, the creative director, the developers made an international change in Kratos for the upcoming game. Considering the psychotic protagonist in the previous God of War games, the new Kratos in the fourth installment seems like a more tempered character. In E3 2016, Kratos’ son gained a lot of attention since the franchise never gave us a feeling that it was possible for Kratos to raise a son.

You will remember that Kratos killed his first family, with his children, after Ares tricked him. Meanwhile, in the trailer, Kratos was teaching his son very patiently about survival skills. People are wondering whether the old bloodthirsty Kratos will return to God of War 4. SIE is purposely keeping his son’s name a secret, as reported by GamesRadar.

It will indicate an interesting point in the story of God of War 4. According to the media outlet, Kratos’ son will be revealed as a Norse hero or a certain God of mythology. A bigger question involving the identity of the boy’s mother was highlighted by PlayStation Universe.

According to SegmentNext, the son and his mother’s identities have been purposely withheld. According to Cory Barlog, the identity of his mother will be a crucial aspect of God of War 4.

The first God of War game was introduced in PlayStation 2, and the game was a tremendous success since it was unique and appealing. God of War creator, David Gaffe created this new franchise for SIE Santa Monica and this franchise will last a long time.

The game is starting to lose its interest after all this time because the game seems to be stuck with the Greek Mythology and Kratos.  After the release of God of War: Ascension, player responses were quite clear. A new mythology will be seen in God of War as Norse Gods are joining the franchise.

Fans have been complaining about the fact that considering Kratos’ history; it is difficult to feel sorry for him. Till now, he has been all about revenge and people weren’t fond of him. According to the GOW fans, the character lacks length.

Surprisingly, the developers gave him a son in God of War 4. Keep in mind that this son is not just for decoration. The developers gave him a special button called the son button. Whenever this button is pressed, Kratos’ son will immediately join him in combat. His son will specialize in using arrows, which is an interesting aspect in this upcoming title.

God of War 4 will feature a different style and gameplay, and the game will be a lot different from its predecessors. GamingBolt revealed that Sony is trying to bring back the ideas of remaking the franchise’s old levels, and it will be used in God of War 4.

However, it is currently a speculation and has not been confirmed by SIE Santa Monica Studios.

It will be interesting to notice how the studio pushes this title out. Express reported that the upcoming game would be inspired titles like Resident Evil 3 and 4. The upcoming installment can be highly compared to The Last of Us by Naughty Dog.