Gisoni Said Dance Moms Prevented Her Daughters from Pursuing Their Other Dreams, Miller Talks About Hatred, And More

Dance Moms fans were devastated when they heard that their favorite, Maddie Ziegler and her sister, Mackenzie, have left the show along with their mother, Melissa Gisoni. Maddie Ziegler had been a part of Dance Moms and ALDC since she was eight years old.

The star dancer has moved on to better things and decided to focus on acting apart from her dance and hence she had to give up her place on Dance Moms. Maddie Ziegler had been asked to be a judge on So You Think You Can Dance and she couldn’t have made time for Dance Moms given her hectic schedule.

Inquisitr reported that Melissa Gisoni had recently spoken about her daughters’ and her departure from the show and said that both her daughters had grown over Dance Moms. They have been associated with the show for over six years and it was time for them to head to something new.

Melissa Gisoni did make it very clear that the decision to leave the show was purely based on what Maddie and Mackenzie had wanted. The two of them had received a lot of support from Abby Lee Miller and she had helped them hone their skills as dancers, but the long stay in Dance Moms was preventing them from pursuing their other dreams.

Gisoni added that both her daughters had to turn down a lot of offers because of their contract with Dance Moms.

This, as fans of Dance Moms has noticed, doesn’t match with the justification that Maddie and Mackenzie have given about leaving the show. Both of them have made it very clear that while they loved ALDC and Dance Moms, they were tired of the constant bickering that their coach Abby Lee Miller got into with the mothers.

The sisters have said that the Dance Mom team comprising of Nia Frazier, JoJo Siwa, Kendall Vertes and Kalani Hilliker, will always be their family and they are going to miss the girls a lot.

Report suggests that while the girls do miss their friends on Dance Moms, they surely do not miss the drama that was part of the reality show. The sisters are still dancing and Gisoni has revealed that Maddie Ziegler shoots for So You Think You Can Dance on two days in a week and the remaining five days she has a dance instructor coming over to make her practice.

Dance Moms doesn’t seem to have an end for all the drama. After Maddie Ziegler and Mackenzie’s departure from the show, it looks like JoJo Siwa and her mother, Jessalyn, have left the show.

Kira Gerard had shared a photo on Instagram, which showed only four headshots and Siwa was missing from all the photos. The headshot is the way for the fans to understand what’s in store for them in the coming week and it has JoJo Siwa missing out on the action.

There are reports that even Nia Frazier might be leaving Dance Moms since she has gotten a big break in Broadway. She has been roped in for Trip of Love and will be starting there from July. The Trip of Love is going to bring in all the hit songs from the 1960s and is being directed and choreographed by James Walski.

The previous season of Dance Moms was a rollercoaster ride with Abby Lee Miller struggling with her legal case and with two of the best dancers leaving the show. Things do not seem to look up for Miller since she recently shared a post mentioning hatred on the sets of Dance Moms Season 7.