George R.R Martin Is Sick after His Balticon Trip, Will It Cause another Delay with The Winds of Winter? Let’s See

It is rumored that the epic battle between Ramsay Bolton and Jon Snow will deal with terms of surrender at a certain point. In the finale, Cersei’s trial will simply take up a portion in the runtime of 69 minutes.

It has been clearly suggested that we will see some real proceedings, instead of the High Sparrow fleeing the city or being killed off in minutes. At the same time, Battle of the Bastards will prove to be an all-timer on Sunday. Meanwhile, what should we ponder upon as far as last two season 6 episodes are concerned?

A lot of things could happen during this battle. A lot of people could die. Let’s face it; Jon Snow isn’t dying anytime soon. No matter what, you can expect that some known faces will meet their makers. Will Ramsay Bolton die?

Considering the fact that incidents in Game of Thrones have always involved the wrath of Karma, Ramsay Bolton should probably die. The question is, will he? Meanwhile, where are we on the whitewalkers? Will they be noticing this war from afar? A lot of fans have their bets on Jon Snow losing and frankly so do I.

Stay tuned for more updates on The Winds of Winter!