George R.R Martin Is Sick after His Balticon Trip, Will It Cause another Delay with The Winds of Winter? Let’s See

It has been four years and counting but the sixth book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series is yet to be released. According to several reports, Winds of Winter is coming soon. However, news reports suggest that the book has been delayed again since George RR Martin is sick after his Balticon trip.

Fans in the Balticon conference were treated by George RR Martin after he read a free chapter from Winds of Winter, a chapter about Aeron Greyjoy. Parent Herald reported that GRRM wanted his audience to select from three of the Winds of Winter chapters. The crowd ended up selecting Greyjoy’s chapter.

According to Martin, it is similar to Ramsay Bolton. George RR Martin shared new chapters of The Winds of Winter to his fans and fans started wondering whether this book is about to be finished. Some reports indicate that The Winds of Winter is ready for publishing and should be released early next year.

Ecumenical News reported that the upcoming book has been delayed again since Martin got sick from the trip. It was announced by GRRM on his blog. While returning from his trip, George RR Marti announced that he was back home in Santa Fe after spending two weeks on-road in New York City and Baltimore.

He said that it was a great trip but it seems like he brought the plague back home with him. He also reported that besides him, his assistants, Lenore, Jo and friend Lezli Robyn were affected by this plague as well. The symptoms included congestion, coughing, fever, and headache and did not show up till the event was complete.

The author revealed that they are all still recovering. Martin added that he wants to keep it short since there is a lot to report on and lots of stuff to catch up on. Sadly, he doesn’t have the energy to continue. He will get back to his old self after more fluids and an adequate amount of sleep.

It was noted that some possible storylines could be included in the upcoming book, The Winds of Winter. Rumors suggest that Arya Stark and Jon Snow could develop a romantic relationship in the future and it was further speculated that the same could happen between Tyrion Lannister and Arya Stark.

You might remember it was earlier predicted that The Winds of Winter will release before the premiere of Game of Thrones Season 6 on TV. Martin earlier confirmed that the book is yet to be finished.

He also reported that editors and publishers are not happy about it either. The author also declared that he was given various deadlines regarding the sixth installment and it was decided that the book will release by April.

Sadly, he couldn’t complete Winds of Winter by April. He stressed on the fact that his writing is unpredictable and sometimes it may go well but sometimes things are pretty dismal. Vox reported that he apologized to the fans regarding the book’s delay. Right now, we don’t have a clear release date for The Winds of Winter.

It is worth noting that Battle of the Bastards was submitted by HBO for both Dan Weiss and David Benioff’s writing, editing, visual effects, Miguel Sapochnik’s directing, hairstyling, sound mixing and makeup. The season 6 finale of The Winds of Winter was given for outstanding cinematography and costuming.

These are the 2016 Emmy Submission ballot offers. Similar to most Game of Thrones synopses, even the truncated Emmy submissions have the ability to leave the field wide open for speculations and further interpretation.