General Hospital: Wedding Crashed by Gunman, Lulu and Dante to Rekindle Their Relationship!

Morgan and Ava had been very long and had been intimate for a long time now and this might be a clear indication that Morgan might be the father of Ava’s child. Viewers will be happy to know that General Hospital has informed that they will deal with the issue soon after.

The only reason the secret has been kept hidden by Ava is that she doesn’t want Sonny to kill her. Ava had told Sonny that he is Avery’s father and it is only so that he doesn’t hurt her. There are a lot of personal agendas at play and since Sonny is one of the most powerful mob bosses in Port Charles, it isn’t surprising that Ava will keep this fact a secret from him.

On the other hand, General Hospital will see Paul (Richard Burgi) and Anna (Finola Hughes) will have a showdown while they continue their game of chasing each other. The two of them do not get along with each other and are still constantly drawn towards each other.

Anna realizes with time that Paul’s children are his weakness and there is a chance that she will use them to get leverage over him. Julian and Alexis wedding will be a big deal and the this will be the focus of the week and will be showed elaborately in three episodes.

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