Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal DLC Coming Out Next Month, To Bring New Weapons, Vehicles, Maps and Customization Options!

Battlefield Hardline is a first-person action shooting game that has been developed by Visceral Games. It was released in March 2015 for the platforms of PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

A brand new DLC has been announced for the game by the developers and this DLC has been titled Betrayal. The new expansion pack will be released in the oncoming month and it will bring several in-game customization options for players.

In a recently released teaser, the developers revealed some of the new aspects that will come with the Betrayal DLC. The teaser revealed that the DLC will add swords to the game as a usable weapon. The swords will reportedly play an important role in police operations after the update.

However, the swords will not be exclusive to the law enforcement officers as reports state that even outlaws and robbers will have access to the new weapon. Along with the sword, the DLC will add six more brand new weapons to the game.

Apart from these weapons, the update will also bring four new maps and two new vehicles. Details are scarce regarding these new maps and vehicles, however, it was reported that the location of the maps might be related to a Cemetery, Chinatown, Alcatraz, and Thin Ice.

Several customization options for the game’s weapons and uniforms are also headed towards fans through the update. Two brand new features coming with the update are- the Gun Bench and the Gun Range.

With the Gun Bench, players will be able to customize a total of five primary weapons. They will have the capability to change the colors and camos of the weapons under this customization option. They will also be able to add new reticles and signs of wear and tear due to usage to the guns.

The Gun Range will allow players to test out their weapons before using them in actual gameplay. The customizations of the weapons can be tested out and fine-tuned in this mode. It will enable players to adjust the weapons and make them perfect to their likings. Along with all of these, the expansion pack will add some Legendary Weapon camos and new missions to the game.

Though the developers are yet to announce a specific release date for the DLC, it has been confirmed that it will be made available in March.

Fans who are in possession of the Season Pass for Battlefield Hardline will be able to get their hands on the DLC for free. However, for those who do not own the Season Pass, the contents of the DLC will be available for purchase separately.

Fans are in for some more good news as it has been announced that the developers will release a base game update along with the Betrayal DLC. This update will come with 11 additional weapons. It will also contain some brand new server presets. A license voucher in every Gold Battlepack will also be received by players after application of the update to the game.

A detailed patch note will be released alongside the update by Visceral Games which will list all the additions and new features that it will bring with itself.

The ending days of the ongoing month are going to be quite exciting for fans of Battlefield Hardline. The developers have announced two Community Missions and a Double XP Weekend for the ending days of February.

The first Community Mission began on 16th February and will run till 22nd February. In this event, players are tasked with recording 25 kills in the multiplayer mode of the game using the .357 RS. If a player successfully completes the challenge, he or she will be rewarded with a Gold Battlepack.