Gamers Prepare Wishlist for New and Realistic Features in GTA 6, More Details

It could also be time for GTA to add ‘real’ cars in the game rather than just mock-up versions. Car companies should be interested in the marketing potential of this franchise. It will clearly reveal how automobiles can be an integral part of this title. At the same time, a lot of new cars could be added to the game with DLCs released at regular intervals.

People are equally interested in the ‘stunt’ scene. The fans wish to see some close-up action involving skateboards, bikes and also rollerblades. There have also been discussions regarding the introduction of a female lead character in the upcoming installment. Till now, GTA has been male-centric. People are now ready to witness missions with a male-female co-op initiative instead.

The NPCs pretty much have the same use in all the GTA titles – Get Beat Up! However, fans now wish to see some helpful NPCs. Players could witness NPCs trying to help the protagonists during distress.

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