Gamers Prepare Wishlist for New and Realistic Features in GTA 6, More Details

Ever since the release of its first installment, the GTA franchise has been a massive success worldwide. Gamers continue loving the open-world gaming concept and storyline in these titles, which provides opportunities to explore an endless number of secret locations. If you are looking for fun and hardcore addiction, look no further than the GTA series.

Grand Theft Auto V, the latest installment from Rockstar, excelled amidst much criticism and demolished sales records worldwide. There were three things people simply adored in this title, the Open-World setting, the addition of Heist Missions and the DLC pack along with its multiple protagonist system.

With so many stuffs thrown into the mix, people feared latency in load times. However, thanks to Rockstar, the game was potentially flawless. Coupled with razor edge lighting and visual effects, the loading times were amazingly quick. A lot of rumors are floating around regarding the launch of GTA 6, and gamers from all around the world seem to have come up with their distinct wishlist.

Gamers are now primarily concerned with the quality of cars. The fans wish to see more realistic vehicles in the next installment. They are also hinting at a difficult, albeit a more realistic form of gameplay, where cars need to be refueled in order to prevent running out of gas. While it makes the game more life-like, it could significantly increase the difficulty of campaign missions.

In order to make an open-world game more realistic, you need to make sure that the world is teeming with shops, locations, and people. Hence, fans now wish to see more usable houses, locations and shops around the world. Furthermore, tow-trucks were absent in GTA 5. The fans have requested that they be brought back in the next installment.

In terms of Law Enforcement, fans are trying to increase the heat. They wish to see the police react in a more natural and realistic manner. Policemen collecting fines, checking for license and registration could be seen in GTA 6.


GTA means Grand Theft Auto and gamers have expressed many concerns regarding the ‘Auto’. Fans wish to see some of the latest real-world cars, added to the roster. You could see cars that resemble the latest from the house of Koenigsegg, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Maserati, etc. among others. A lot of vintage cars could also be inducted to this list.