Gamers Keep Waiting For GTA 6 Story DLC While New Challenges and Jobs in GTA Online Are Released For Various Consoles and PC, More Details

In the meantime, a quarterly report was just released by Take Two and it shows that GTA 5 is still a major success even after months and years after its release. Figures suggest that more than 2 million units have been moved over the first quarter. These results in a total of 54 million units sold worldwide.

In the meantime, it was clear that gamers did not appreciate the fact that Evolve was chock-full of DLCs and now it is natural for fans to hope that Rockstar could focus on additional content for GTA 5 instead of simply adding microtransactions to GTA 5.

It has been over a year since GTA 5 was released but till now Rockstar has demonstrated that they are quite happy with the increase in digital revenue from microtransactions and will continue to provide more GTA 5 Online support. However, right now people are waiting for the story DLC that is yet to be released.

In other news, the Fort Zancundo Military Base in GTA 5 is actually a representation of the real life Vandenberg Air Force Base but famous tipster YouTuber MrBossFTW says that it resembles more of the Naval Base Ventura County.