Gamers Keep Waiting For GTA 6 Story DLC While New Challenges and Jobs in GTA Online Are Released For Various Consoles and PC, More Details

New GTA Online content has been created by fans and Rockstar has put them all together with a declaration that these are some of the unconventional challenges that fans can definitely try out. Across various platforms like Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, Xbox One and PC, gamers can try out six of these activities which are made using the original creator tool.

Rockstar has declared that fans can still send in their creator choices and these could be featured in a future article at Newswire. People can also see them being played on the weekly livestream. There are many Creator Challenges on PC for GTA Online.

In the Railroad Deathrun challenge, Runners will run on the obstacle track while Snipers try to take them out. In order to make things more fun, there are various traps that the Sniper team can activate.

There are also Six Derby Muscle Cars and most fans will love it! All you have to do is choose the team color and knock off the other team’s cars. You will be considered out of bounds and disqualified in case you fall off. The Team that manages to knock off all the other team’s cars will emerge victorious.

In the meantime, Sony’s PS3 and PS4 platforms have seen some challenges as well. There are brief cases which are hidden all over San Andreas. You need to find them before the other team. In the Pearls Triathlon, you need to swim, cycle and run to the finish line, as the tradition dictates.

It is advised that before you attempt this triathlon, you should max out your stats. There are online creator challenges for Xbox One and Xbox 360 as well. In this game, one player needs to drive up the ramp while the other player shoots RPGs in mid-air. The drivers need to be swapped out every 3 attempts.

In Bloody Darts, you need to leap from buildings and use yourself as the dart! The ways you score are as follows: Within tire line-5 points, inside concrete circle-10, dark blue circle-20, pink circle-30, center circle-50, dead center-100. However, you stand to gain double score if you knock over the cone/tire stack.

The first who reaches 500 points wins the game. The bonuses for GTA Online Heist have officially ended with the Pacific Standard Job. As a result, the studio is now planning to add more missions to the already growing list. A collection of player-made online jobs, rather nostalgic in nature have been collected by Rockstar.

They primarily focus on some of the earlier franchises of the developers. These include Smuggler’s Run, Midnight Club and Manhunt. All the new jobs have been created on various platforms like PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One and PC. In order to see the latest online jobs, fans need to bookmark them through Social Club in order to notice them listed straight away in Social Club. Let’s take a look at the various jobs available.

In Sony’s PlayStation platforms, you have the LS Midnight Club III. You will need all of your driving tricks in order to win here. There are well-placed carriages, tight corners and ramps featured here, all throughout Los Santos’ nightlife. It is recommended that you stick to Sports class vehicles and the night-time default.

In Manhunt, you will notice tight and closed dark spaces with corners illuminated warning red lights to show you the way. In the dim lighting, surprises can leap at you from the shadows.

In Smuggler’s Run, you can choose from a variety of vehicles like Muscle cars, off-road vehicles, motorcycles, sedans, SUVs, Sport Classics and motorcycles. Keep in mind that you will be featured in a race that includes rockets coming against some steep dangerous cliffs along with narrow turns.