Game of Thrones Season 6: Lena Heady Spotted, Margaery’s Grand Plan, New Cast Members, And More Information

HBO had reportedly informed that they will not be returning to Croatia with Game of Thrones Season 6, but according to Independent, some of the cast and crew members were spotted shooting in Dubrovnik. HBO had expressed their desire of carrying out the shoot in Northern Ireland and Spain with the upcoming season, but it looks like some scenes are being shot at Dubrovnik.

Game of Thrones has been following A Song of Ice and Fire series closely in the initial seasons. However, they started deviating from the book in the later seasons and now with George R. R. Martin unable to complete Winds of Winter on the schedule, HBO had no choice but to go ahead with their own plot.

There are diehard fans who frown upon this move, but with Martin not giving any concrete news about when Winds of Winter can be released and with HBO having a deadline of March 2016 for the release of Game of Thrones Season 6, this was inevitable.

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