Fresh Ideas for Christmas Activities with Kids

It is a pleasure to have a big family around for Christmas. Though sometimes it feels like every year is the same and you know the scenario by heart. Remember, when we were kids, we expected a miracle happen this day, but miracle rarely happen. Mostly because usually parents are so tired with their regular daily routine, so they have neither time, nor energy to think about something new and exciting. Here some examples of unusual family activities that parents can do with their children to make this day especially memorable.

Exchanging Roles

Have a rest, pretend you are children, and just for one day let your kids feel themselves your grown-up parents. They will get a lot of fun having of possibility to choose how long to sleep, what to eat, where to go, or what to do. You can even give them some amount of money in advance, so they will take into account their budget and feel complete responsibility for the whole family. By trying themselves in your shoes they will learn much more in one day than they could learn in years.

Jingle Bells

Learning some Christmas carols or even making a theatrical performance will give you more opportunities to spend time with your family before Christmas. And then, during the holiday, you can put on your hand-made costumes and visit your friends with a little Christmas show. Kids will never forget the enjoyment of being “on the stage”.

Cooking Party

Call up your children’s friends and their parents. Prepare the ingredients for sandwiches – cut some bread, ham, cheese, vegetables, take out jelly, peanut butter and everything that you have in your fridge. Give kids time to cook their own sandwiches, decorate them and bring to the adult jury committee. They can also give names to their dishes or create stories about them. The important thing while “judging” the best sandwich is to give every young cook a special award. It can be the Most Original Recipe, the Most Most Beautiful Decoration, or the Best Story.

photo credit: Leticia Roncero Christmas is coming to Flickr! via photopin (license)