Firefox OS: Developer Preview available on android phones as a downloadable app, more details

The Firefox OS modifies the device at quite a depth which is not the case when talking about most other app launchers. The OS adds a new lock screen to the device which can be used by users but it should be kept in mind that doing so will result in the device having two active lock screens at the same time.

The traditional quick access drop down menu of Android is also replaced by the Firefox OS’ own version. The Firefox OS employs a single home button system and as a result of this the back button of the device cannot be used for the purpose of navigation.

It was stated by Mozilla that they have used a number of methods to overcome certain bugs and errors in the OS to offer users an experience which is similar to that of using an Android platform device, and as a result of this workarounds, users will see that the Android navigation buttons are coated above the UI.

It could also be noted that the Firefox OS has already made its mark in the Smart TV market. It made its debut with the latest range of high end TVs from the Panasonic stable earlier this year and was able to garner quite positive reviews from users.

Stay tuned for more update on Firefox OS.