Mega Clash of Clans Update Coming This Christmas, New Features Include a Brand New Hero and a New Town Hall!

According to the present rumors, Mage will be the new hero to be added to Clash of Clans. A report from Yibada shows this new hero holding a book and as a result, it is natural for gamers to assume that this hero will be a Mage.

Therefore, we now have a rough idea regarding the hero to be added in the next upgrade. Sadly, any other specific information or details regarding this hero are yet to be revealed.

During ClashCon 2015, Supercell, the mastermind behind the highly popular, world-famous Clash of Clans, revealed that a new update is coming our way and it will be released sometime in the near future.

It was also confirmed on Facebook that they are indeed working on a new upgrade and it will be released as soon as possible, hopefully in a matter of weeks. Nothing has been confirmed yet but the Facebook post has led some people to believe that this particular update will be released on December.

There are further rumors suggesting that this new update will also bring forth a new kind of defense, most probably a tower. The update might also include a possible Gem Mine, which should be really cool if it really happens and also a New Town Hall 11 upgrade. All of this does point towards one thing and that is, additional space to be utilized by worldwide players.

Right now, most websites and rumors mills are churning out news involving the release of the new update in upcoming Christmas Holiday season.

Supercell, the Finnish Game Developer, behind the highly popular freemium mobile MMO is all set to introduce a lot of new features and improvements along with a group of major new changes. With the Holiday season about to begin and people getting ready to enjoy some quality family time, will surely love this update.

A special Halloween update was released earlier and it introduced a bunch of new obstacles along with a few rewards. After the Halloween DLC, there was a new maintenance break taking place last week, on Wednesday and Thursday.

It resulted in the removal of those one-gem boosts and frozen live-replays. Besides the new update introducing Town Hall 11, there will be plenty of more improvements and players will be provided a larger map with and a larger environment to play around in.

The Mage-like hero to be introduced carries a staff which is probably its weapon and it will be joining the likes of other heroes like the Barbarian King and the Archer Queen.

Other speculations indicate that the game’s defense and offense units will be upgraded as well. There will be Level 8 barbarian soldiers with higher HP and better damage capabilities.

Another rumor that is currently making the rounds is a new loot-sharing feature. With this new mechanism, players will be able to donate resources to others in their clan.

Supercell is yet to announce anything officially, but one staff member has already informed that the company is presently working hard on releasing the future updates.

Personally, as an avid COC player myself, I would love the inclusion of a new Hero. However, having said that, I’m a new Town Hall 8 player and still pretty new with the Archer Queen. The inclusion of a new Hero will not only bring some fresh new variation but also more exciting details and new gameplay.

In the end, a lot of players like me are hoping that Supercell will increase the map size. With phone displays getting pretty large these days, a bigger map that can be easily panned around will be a great welcome.