Final Fantasy XV: Rumors and Updates, Amazon Japan Lists Game for A June 2016 Release, Funny Game-Related Artworks Revealed, And More Details

The developers of the game recently held an online poll in which they asked fans to vote for either a yellow Chocobo or a black Chocobo that they want to see incorporated into the game. Yellow Chocobo emerged victorious at the end of the fan poll with 59% votes.

A funny painting depicting yellow Chocobo’s win over black Chocobo was also uploaded in the official Twitter handle of the game. Fans were also asked to create and submit different works of art for the holiday season as a part of the Final Fantasy XV Festive Art.

Fans were engaged in another recent activity announced by the developers in which they were tasked with deciding Prompto’s dress for the upcoming Final Fantasy XV Festive Art party.

They were to choose from two options which were a Santa Claus Suit and a Tuxedo. The winner of this poll was the Santa suit and an artwork uploaded to the official Twitter account showed Prompto jumping with joy with his new Santa Claus outfit.

The artwork shows Prompto holding a hanger cover and a Santa hat is seen falling off from the cover which is a clear indication that the hanger cover is actually holding his Santa Claus suit.

Stay tuned for more update on Final Fantasy XV.