Fans Hopeful For A Hudgens – Efron Reunion For High School Musical 4, Younger Teenage Cast Likely, Report Of Script Being Leaked!

Hudgens and Efron have been completely quiet about High School Musical 4, but reports are suggesting that the two of them have been spotted working together for the fourth installment.

Parent Herald suggests that even Zac Efron didn’t seem excited to continue being identified as a teeny-bopper special. He wanted to do mature stuff and is, in fact, going to be a part of a musical with Hugh Jackman.

There is also news that the script of High School Musical 4 has been leaked. Some of the characters that are going to be present in the film include, Peyton a footballer, Erin, the only girl on the football team, her best friend Natalie, Derek, a dancer, Campbell, who happens to admire Erin and a social climber with the name Tamara.

Breathe Cast believes that Campbell is going to take the role of Troy Bolton, and the rest of the gang is going to follow soon. The new faces are going to carry the legacy of the East High Wildcats, mixing sports with music and forming strong bonds of love and friendship. There is a rumor that Campbell is going to be the cousin of Sharpey and Ryan from the previous cast of High School Musical.

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