Fans Figure Out Gustavo Fring’s Presence in Better Call Saul Season 3, Jesse Pinkman and Marie Schrader Likely to Be Introduced!

There are reports suggesting that even Betsy Brandt might be called in to play the role of Marie Schrader. There was a talk of introducing her character in the finale of Season 2 to administer the CAT scan of Chuck, but then the producers decided against it since that would have distracted the Breaking Bad fans from the whole drama surrounding Gustavo Fring’s note.

According to Hofmag, Aaron Paul is busy working on The Path that is aired on Hulu. However, he had previously talked about wanting to be a part of Better Call Saul and hence the executive producers are sure that they can work something out in case Pinkman’s character is required in the third season of Better Call Saul.

In order to make the wait for Better Call Saul Season 3 pass away fast, AMC had been organizing fan activities that will keep them connected to the community of the series. AMC has been asking fans to share their fan arts on the popular spin-off of Breaking Bad in the official Tumblr account of Better Call Saul.

Better Call Saul Season 3 is going to have ten episodes. Visit the page for more news on Better Call Saul Season 3.