Fans Apologise To Luke Hemmings, Irwin Responds to Allegation about Drug Abuse!

There was a big shock that went through the fans pages of 5 Seconds of Summer after the search for 5SOS kept bringing up ‘5SOS Drugs.’ There was magazine report that claimed that the 5SOS members have started using drugs. The reason for this sudden rumour was the derp faces that Luke Hemmings and his band mates made at an award function.

Give a break media! The boys were just blinded by the big flashlights and it was not because they were high on abusive substances. Recovering from the initial shocks, the fans have come out to rally and support the band members against the trashy news that have been doing the rounds.

Ashton Irwin took to the media to clear out the air after this allegation that the 5SOS members were using illegal substances. He said that they were on the magic unicorn ride and it’s just their faces malfunction when they do simple things like walking.

Luke Hemmings and the 5SOS boys sure know how to bring an end to these speculations that are spread by the media.

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  4. I didn’t even know this happened. Poor Luke, geez people get all worked up when a giybis simply just being nice to a girl then you get mad when guys are jerks to you?!¿?

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