Fallout 4 Teased by Three Dog Voice Actor, Fans Expect the Title at E3 2015!

There is another detail that probably discourages the possible release of Elder Scrolls 6 in E3. It relies on the fact that Skyrim was released in 2011 compared to Fallout 3 in 2008. A spin-off game known as Elder Scrolls Online was released last year, and it is quite far from the immersive single-player experience provided the celebrated predecessor, Skyrim. However, it’s still enough to keep the fan base occupied until the release of the next sequel in the Elder Scrolls franchise.

However, even if Bethesda doesn’t announce any information regarding Elder Scrolls 6, it shouldn’t mean that the company has given up on this franchise. The Elder Scrolls series made its mark with a high-detail oriented game design along with a massive replay value. Bethesda is wise enough to prevent abandoning a franchise like that. Elder Scrolls 6 will need a lot of development if Bethesda wishes to preserve the legacy of this franchise involving quality game titles.

Meanwhile, get ready because whatever it is, Bethesda is planning something huge for E3 this year. Fans are advised to enjoy this possibility rather than lamenting on what could or could not have been.

What are your expectations regarding the possible release of Elder Scrolls 6! Stay tuned for further updates on this franchise!