Facebook Bring In Tech To Remove Ad-Blockers, Users Get To Choose Which Ads They Want To See, Applicable Only On The Desktop Site

While Facebook hasn’t revealed what percentage of its desktop users have ad blockers, the Interactive Advertising Bureau has reported the 20% of internet users in the US use ad blockers on their desktop. Facebook is in a position where they can use their latest tech update to assist the industry in determining the types of brands that the consumer wants to see.

This not only allows the advertisers to reach the consumers quicker but also to expand their reach. The advertisers are caught on the Internet that is controlled by the ad blockers, and Facebook is where they can make the most of it. The other important thing that needs to be kept in mind is that Facebook can expand the preference to off-network third-party publishers as well.

Consumers want to remove clutter with the ad blockers, but if they want to use Facebook and Instagram then they are using ad-supported properties, even if the content is derived from a third-party publisher. The rest of the publishing industry doesn’t have this kind of power.

Randall Rothenberg, the CEO and President of Interactive Advertising Bureau has extended his support to Facebook’s new update. He said that advertising is necessary for services that are free for the consumers, and Facebook has managed to reach a vibrant value exchange with the users.

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