F1 Boss Ecclestone Considers Michael Schumacher’s Accident Tragic, Vettel Compared to the Former Champion, And More

Disregarding ‘subtle’ comparisons, Jones finally dropped the bomb while declaring that Vettel could possibly turn out as another Michel Schumacher. During Vettel’s move to Ferrari, they were not dominating at all but with his help, the dominance can now be re-established. Jones declared that this could be the final formula that leads them to success. He drew attention to the phrase ‘a change is as good as a holiday’ and declared that from now on, it will be a honeymoon phase for Ferrari.

He confidently added that Ferrari members will be doing their best to please him while Vettel does his best to put in a great performance for them. According to him, during the first major portion of the year, each of them will do their best to please the other. He compared Ferrari to be a major success symbol for Formula 1. He added, ‘…If Ferrari is successful, so is Formula 1.”

Already, signs of their comeback are evident as their new SF15-T shows dazzling flashes of true speed along with their impressive consistency. Jean Eric-Vergne, the new test-driver in the squad, is impressed by the off-season attitude of the team. He is confident that real-time successful results will follow soon.

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