European-Inspired Windenburg Comes Filled With Interesting Venues and Activities, 58% Discount Available For Sims 4 in Black Friday Deals!

The official report in The Sims 4 mentioned the Nightclubs, Bar Changes and New Pool Venue besides the three special venues. There are added natural pool decorations and different pool water colors in the Community Pool Venue. The developers will make further changes in the Venue Types as well.

The Nightclub and Bar include the flavors of European-inspired pubs and discotheques. Besides all the additions of new venues and locations, there is a complete new social experience featured in the Get Together Expansion Pack, as mentioned by Lazy Gamer.

Sims will be able to create or join clubs in Get Together. Like-minded Sims can engage in club-like things while getting together.

When it comes to Clubs, there are loads of things that you can do. You can start a club of fitness freaks who hang out at the local gym and the same people are barred from mixing with the members of other rival clubs who enjoy gluttony.

You can also go ahead and create a Romance Club where romantic encounters of all types and categories are duly welcome and you can engage in some woo-hoo as well, if you like.

Besides naming your own Club, Sims can also select the attire that they will be wearing to the various Club gatherings. A more formal approach could be chosen for High-end foodie clubs while you can also dress them up in silly Hot Dog costumes.

Stay tuned for more updates on The Sims 4!