Enjoy A Retro-Adventure Game With Headlander, Get A Flying Head To Take Control Of Robots, Head Mode Allows Control Over Civilian And Security Robots

The players have to engage in battles and solve puzzles while they try to head to Methuselah. The gameplay is fun and engaging.

Headlander has been developed by Double Fine and while the game packs in a lot of great things, the players aren’t happy with the final product. They feel that the game lacks the qualities that are present in all Double Fine games. The developers are expected to deliver something different every time, but Headlander lacks the consistency that is associated with a popular game developer.

This won’t be the first time that Double Fine has struggled with one of their games. They received a lot of negative review with their Brutal Legend. However, they worked on the pertinent issues and came up with Costume Quest and Stacking.

Each of them was fun, and the players lapped them in. However with Headlander, Double Fine tried to break away from the mold, and this hasn’t been appreciated.

The game is fun even though the combat in Headlander is chaotic and random. The game is memorable not because it is offbeat, but because it offers interactive challenges. The artistic elements within the game help to serve the gameplay when it should be vice versa.

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