Victoria Beckham And Family Enjoy Dinner In Santa Monica Amidst Divorce Rumours, Attempt To Sell Their Home In France, Victoria To Launch Her New Line Of Make Up Products

What comes to your mind when I say Spice Girls and Football? Any guesses? Of course, I am talking about our Posh Spice and football heartthrob, David Beckham’s spouse, Victoria Beckham.

With all the speculations and rumors of divorce floating around in the air, it looks like the couple is set on selling their humble abode in the South of France. The couple, who purchased the house in 2003 for 1.5 million pounds, are finally giving it up for sale because they hardly spend any time there.

But it looks like the massive house with an infinity pool facing the countryside, a modern kitchen that opens onto breakfast rooms, a massive dining room and six marvellous bedrooms – that incidentally took around 5 million pounds to renovate – is not attracting any good buyers.

The listing price for the house was put up at 2.4 million pounds, although around 4.1 million pounds was the actual expense that went into it. While it may seem like a drop of water in the sea of money they own, let’s hope the beautiful mansion gets its deserving price.

After relocating to LA for the summer, the Beckham family, Victoria and David Beckham and their son Brooklyn Beckham were spotted while they were out heading to Giorgio Baldi Italian Restaurant in Santa Monica.

And it looks like the family dinner photographs were yet another chance for some websites and media outlets, in the hope of seeking some website visitors, to seed the false saga and rumors of the Beckham’s splitting up.

Many media outlets took to point out the “unhappy” demeanour of Victoria Beckham when out for dinner with her family. Showing off her tanned skin in her black skimpy see-through dress, Posh Spice’s lack of a satisfactory smile was all that the tabloids could point out.

And that was not even the case. Victoria looked far from “miserable”, contrary to what the outlets have been stressing upon. She just casually walked out of the restaurant, not facing the cameras directly and watching her steps, which was apparently “sporting a frown” for those gossip spreaders.

Victoria and David Beckham have chosen to stay mute about every single rumor about their possible “split-up”. With all the “cheating” rumors that have been floating around when David was spotted merely “talking to a brunette” (which was quickly taken to “flirting” for the headlines), and with the divorce speculations…well it’s not exactly the first time, now, is it?

The former Spice Girl turned fashion designer is set to launch her limited edition make-up collection in collaboration with Estee Lauder very soon in the upcoming weeks.

The limited edition make-up collection is set to be launched in Australia on October 1, and Victoria filmed her morning beauty routine as a sneak peek to preview the product to the general audiences to rile up the excitement.

She uploaded the video on her Instagram account where she used Blonde Cumin eye shadow palette all over her eyelid and Black-Nutmeg eye shadow along her eyelashes, before coating her inner lash with Grey Amber eyeliner.

After completing the process of beautifying her eyes, she said that “it’s a smoky, dark, sexy eye” that she did. She further mentioned that she was very specific about what she wanted, and that it was about all the must-have items that everyone should have in their make-up bag.

This line of make-up that comes out next month has been something Victoria has wanted to do for many years, and she is very excited for everyone to see what she has worked so hard on.