Empire Season 2: Lucious Is Out Of Prison and Ready to Take Revenge, Lyon Dynasty Hits a Set Back, Cookie Isn’t Stepping Down, And More News

Empire Season 2 has seen Lucious Lyon out of jail and the man is all out to make his mark felt. He keeps on telling Hakeem and Cookie and the viewers at large that they are behaving like they don’t know him at all. Not only that, Lucious Lyon takes from Kanye West and proclaims himself at the god twice in the last episode.

Lucious Lyon has always been out of control, with his family failing to control him even when he is behind the bars in prison and now with Lucious out, things are going to get exciting! Lucious has been let out of the prison under the condition that he isn’t allowed to step inside Empire until his trail isn’t over.

Lucious abides by this rule, not wanting to overstep his mark and again land up in jail, but he has already started making plans of throwing a party at Leviticus to celebrate his release from the jail. Anika finds this out and immediately lets Cookie know. The two of them sort their problems out and come back together, but only to become enemies again.

Anika meets up with Lucious and finds out that he is planning on getting back at Cookie for trying to get the better of him. Lucious tries to win her over to his side, but she immediately go ahead and informs Cookie about his evil plans.

Cookie gets back at Lucious by pulling out the runner from the table and ruining his entire dinner spread at the Leviticus party. Cookie did this after Lucious asked Cookie and his sons to come back to Empire, stating that he wants his family with him.

Looks like Empire Season 2 will be a struggle for Cookie. However, the viewers are going to get some interesting incidents to watch out for. The party that Lucious threw saw Pitbull and Jamal jamming together.

This was followed by the lights going off and Hakeem taking the stage to rap out a track dissing Lucious at his own party, amidst his friends and family.

The rapper that dissed Lucious has suddenly made Lyon Dynasty popular and their phones are continuously ringing. Cookie uses this new found spirit to give it her all to train their Latin girl group Mirage à Trois.

Empire Season 2 has drama and action, but it is also focusing on music with the previous episode showing two new singers in the block. One of them being Freda, the daughter of Frank Gather and the Latin girl-group, the Hakeem had created. Lucious wanted Freda to join the Empire, but she is not interested in it and Jamal who was responsible for closing the deal fails in the task.

Lucious never turned up for his first Empire meeting with Freda and since then she had been staying away from him. Freda is ultimately found out by Thirsty where she is at the verge of gunning down a man who dissed her father. Lucious comes and stops her, but Freda still isn’t keen on trusting him and runs away with her friends.

Mirage à Trois, while practicing with Cookie for their appearance at a radio show discover that even though they are a group, there is a star already born among them, Valentina is talented and she has been noticed by all. Valentina is set to be a traitor because she has already stealthily signed a contract with Empire without the Lyons having any clue about it.