Emma Stone To Foray Into Television With Netflix Series, Working On A Billie Jean Biopic, Linked To Ryan Gosling!

Daily Mail reported that Emma Stone was spotted coming out after a workout at West Hollywood and she looked gorgeous in her workout casuals. Stone showed off her physique in a blue t-shirt, whose sleeves she had kept tucked in and a pair of patterned leggings.

She had on a black way farer and black sneakers. Emma Stone kept her hair tied up on the back in a bun and carried a small handbag on her shoulder.

Emma Stone has quite a lot of projects in her hand. She just wrapped up The Battle of the Sexes where she will play the role of Billie Jean. Emma Stone is a natural blonde, but she is known to have red hair. However, since she has started working for this project she has colored her hair to a darker shade of brunette.

Battle of the Sexes will deal with the iconic match that Billie Jean had won against Bobby Riggs and for the film, Stone is also learning how to play tennis. Steve Carell is going to star in the film as Bobby Riggs.

Emma Stone has just wrapped La La Land with Ryan Gosling. The film is a musical and the release date for it has been pushed back to December since the producers feel that the film is a chance at the Oscar and they want it to release as close to the award ceremony as possible. The film has already made quite a buzz since it is rumored that Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone have started an affair while working for it.

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