Emma Stone To Foray Into Television With Netflix Series, Working On A Billie Jean Biopic, Linked To Ryan Gosling!

Emma Stone might be single right now, but she doesn’t seem to care. Her ex, Andrew Garfield has clearly moved on and there were rumors of her trying to pursue Ryan Gosling, but it looks like Stone isn’t bothered by any of these occurrence or rumors. She is busy with her work and is happy and content.

Emma Stone played the role of a journalist in Spotify and while she didn’t get nominated for the Oscar this year, Spotify went on to win the Oscar for the Best Film and also created a huge buzz among the critics. While she has a slew of projects in the big screen, including a biopic on famous tennis player Billie Jean, Emma Stone has become the newest television actress.

Emma Stone is coming together with Jonah Hill in a dark comedy called Maniac that is being directed by Cary Fukunaga. The series that has been picked up by Netflix is a remake of a popular 2014 Norwegian series of the very same name.

Netflix agreed to go for ten episodes of the series that deals with a man who is perfect. He achieves everything in life and is good and successful in whatever his pursues and sets his eye on.

While people are amazed at this talented and successful man, they realize at the very end that the perfect life that he has created for himself is in fact a delusion. The young man is a patient of a psychiatric hospital and envisions a perfect life for himself, which in fact isn’t true at all.

Espen, as the lead actor from the original series is called, has escaped into his mind and refuses to come out from there to his real life where he is locked up in an institution an where there are psychologists who are struggling hard to make him come back to reality.

Espen can escape the real for as long as he wants, until the new psychologist Mina starts pricking him with needles to get him back to reality. It then becomes a hard choice that Espen has to make – whether to come back to reality or whether to stay in the perfect life that he has created inside his mind. It is reported that Jonah Hill is likely to play the lead role, though there are no official word on this.

Fukunaga is going to shoot all the ten episodes in the series. According to The Verge, this won’t be his first time working with Netflix. He has previously worked with the network on the film Beast of No Nation that had Idris Elba in it.

Fukunaga is better known as the director of True Detective. He had directed the first season of the series and then went on to other projects.

Maniac is going to be the first time that Emma Stone will be playing a role in television. The series is going to be close to her for not only this reason. Emma Stone is going to be the television producer for the series and this is a major milestone for the actress. Given the popularity that the Norwegian series had seen, Vanity Fair has reported that Maniac might be looking at a minimum of two seasons.