Elder Scrolls 6 Remains Engulfed in Mystery, Rumors and Updates Regarding the Release Date of the Long-Anticipated Game Discussed!

Elder Scrolls 6 is going to be the sixth installment in the popular Elder Scrolls franchise of action role playing video games. It is one of the most anticipated games of recent times. However, the developing company behind the Elder Scrolls franchise-Bethesda Studios has been ominously quite regarding the game.

Various rumors regarding the game have been doing rounds on the internet for quite some time and the latest of them suggest that Elder Scrolls 6 might be announced at the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo which is scheduled to be held in the month of June. It will be held the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Some reports are coming in which claim that the game might hit the market in the oncoming year. Apparently, Bethesda is on the lookout for a character artist who will be hired for the development of an upcoming game.

In the announcement, it has been specifically mentioned that the artist should possess profound knowledge on role-playing games. In this regard, the Elder Scrolls games have been used as an example for role-playing games and this has sparked off rumors that the character artist will actually be hired to work on Elder Scrolls 6 itself.

That being said, rumors also have it that the game might not see the light of the day before 2019. In this regard it should be mentioned that Bethesda has been known to release an Elder Scrolls game every four years. The last released game of the series was The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited which hit the market back in 2015.

So, it can be seen that if the 4-years pattern is followed by Bethesda, it won’t be until 2019 that fans will be greeted with another Elder Scrolls game. Pete Hines, the Vice President of PR and marketing at Bethesda had earlier stated that the developers were busy with Fallout 4 and its DLCs and thus it was not possible for them to shift their attention to Elder Scrolls 6.

Hines also stated that Bethesda does not work on multiple projects simultaneously. The company employs all its resources on one project at a time to ensure that end product is something of quality.

It has been quite some time since Fallout 4 has been released and two expansion packs for the game have also been rolled out by Bethesda. Thus fans are quite eager at the moment to get some concrete news about Elder Scrolls 6.

The location of the upcoming game has become the hot topic of discussion across many online forums. Some of the names that are being tossed around by fans in this regard include the likes of- Elsweyr, Black Marsh and Valenwood.

Rumors also have it that Elder Scrolls 6 will pick up the story right where it was left off in Elder Scrolls 5. In that case it will be a continuation of the previous game and the locations in it will most likely be the same ones that are found in Elder Scrolls 5, that is Skyrim.

If indeed Elder Scrolls 6 is a continuation of Skyrim, it might be titled Skyrim 2. However, of the developers choose to make it a completely new game with new locations, then it might be titled Redwood or Argonia.

It should be mentioned here that Pete Hines while talking about the next iteration of Elder Scrolls, referred to it as Skyrim 2. Thus, there is the possibility that the upcoming game will indeed be a continuation of its predecessor and it will feature the same kingdoms and locations that were found in it.

He also added that it will be sometime before the fans of the series will be able to get their hands on a brand new Elder Scrolls game. Apparently, he was surprised to see the huge amount of anticipation regarding the game among fans.