Elder Scrolls 6: Expected to Release in 2019, Featuring a Multiplayer Aspect!

Meanwhile, there are high chances that Elder Scrolls 6 will be a multiplayer game. Till now, this is just a passing rumor and there hasn’t been any confirmation regarding this topic whatsoever. However, gamers need to be reminded that Bethesda is pretty great at keeping secrets.

For instance, none of us knew that Fallout 4 was under development until a few months ago. Bethesda confirmed its development a few months back with a release date that has been fixed this year, 10th November 2015, to be exact.

There have been a lot of discussions regarding the locations and regions that would be featured in this title, along with the inclusion of various different classes. However, fans haven’t really considered how the game should actually run.

Elder Scrolls 6 needs to have a really big scope, but we have to consider the fact that there are things which a company can and cannot do.

One thing that every gamer will agree on is that Bethesda should try to include as fewer number of bugs and glitches as humanely and technically possible. The good news is that Bethesda is taking a lot of time to release this title and as a result, we should see lesser number of issues.

Stay tuned for more updates on Elder Scrolls 6!