Elder Scrolls 6: Absent at E3 as Developers Focus on Quality, Bethesda Lashes out after the Doom Content Criticism Issue!

It seems like Bethesda won’t be releasing Elder Scrolls 6 until and unless it achieves the highest standard of refinement. It is still unsure whether Bethesda will unveil Elder Scrolls 6 in the upcoming E3 but right now the release date is in a state of confusion.

Meanwhile, Hines also responded to the recent criticism on the violent content showcased in Doom’s latest demo.

According to Hines, the developers are aware of their target audience and they will never stray away from that. The developers make games for the older audience because that’s what they know. Bethesda is aware of the kind of games their audience wishes to play.

Stay tuned for more updates on Elder Scrolls 6!