Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and Surface 3 Receive Updates, Prices Slashed on eBay!

Professionals who are looking for a portable and highly efficient tablet love the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. The Surface Pro 3 retails at significantly cheaper prices than the other tablets with the same tech specs.

Microsoft unveiled the Surface Pro and the Surface RT back in June 2012 and the company took a two-pronged approach in order to compete with Apple’s iPad and MacBook Air.

The Surface RT was Microsoft’s direct competitor to the iPad and it ran a stripped down version of the mobile-friendly Windows 8. It was, however, capable of running apps downloaded from the Windows App Store and was powered by an ARM processor.

On the other hand, the Microsoft Surface Pro was manufactured and marketed as a tablet that had the ability to replace a laptop. Compared to the Surface RT, the Microsoft Surface Pro ran on the desktop version of Windows 8 Pro OS. and had specs that were comparable to high-end laptops.

Meanwhile, Microsoft continued to upgrade and release new variants of the Surface Pro and as mentioned before, its latest version, the Surface Pro 3 has already accumulated a steady fanbase.

Laptops nowadays are high-end, but the higher tech-specs it sports, the bulkier it gets! Unless of course you are considering an Apple! As a result, people prefer the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 over advanced laptops.

The entry-level Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is currently available at a price of $799 through Microsoft’s Online Store and Best Buy. If you want to grab the Surface Pro 3 at a cheaper price, you should take a look at eBay, which is offering the device at a price of $649.99.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 features a 12-inch full-HD ClearType display, with a resolution of 2160x1440px. It is powered by the fourth-generation Intel Core i3 1.5 GHz processor powered by a 4GB RAM and Intel HD Graphics 4200. The device further ships with 64GB of internals storage, Windows 8.1 Pro and a microSD expansion slot.

In the camera department, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 comprises of a 5megapixel 1080p HD rear and front camera.

According to Microsoft, the battery on the Surface Pro 3 will provide enough juice to last for up to nine hours of web browsing. It also includes a Surface Pen through which users can take handwritten notes.

Meanwhile, if you wish to keep your Microsoft Surface 3 or the Surface Pro 3 fully updated, the firmware updates that released back in June is a must-have for you. The regularly updated Surface Pro 3 is getting a few minor tweaks this month.