Eating Healthy Everyday

I am sure many of you realize how important it is to eat healthy, preferably every day, not just to be healthy but to be fit and avoid falling sick due to junk food readily available.

I will list here some food which are not only readily available but also extremely healthy.


Berries are great sources of fiber which is extremely important in maintaining a healthy digestive system.

Some berries are packed with anti-oxidants which help with boosting memory and Vitamin C which help firming the skin.

Make sure to put a good amount of different berries in your food.



Eggs are one of the most nutritious food. In fact, it is recommendable to start your day with them, they are high in protein and gives a good source of energy. They are also helpful in boosting memory. The antioxidants present help keeping healthy eyes.



Many have the conception that nuts make one fat. But one might like to consider the benefits that come with them in eating a moderate amount every day, some even promote weight loss such as almonds.

These crunchy goodies are packed with Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamin E, antioxidant and various other nutrients most of which are important and need to be a part of our daily diet every day.



Yes, tea is also among the list of healthy foods.

It has been found that antioxidants present in tea help lower risk of Alzheimer’s and diabetes and also help keep teeth in healthy shape.

Make sure to place at least a cup of tea every day in your routine.



The source of the ‘good bacteria’ which helps in keeping harmful microorganisms out of your digestive system and avoid infections.

Don’t forget the nutrients present, yoghurt provides a good amount of Calcium, Potassium, Zinc, Vitamin B-12, protein. Yoghurt may provide the recommendable amount of them every day.


There you go, some of the healthy food you can take every day to maintain the proper intake of vitamins and nutrients. And tasty too. Just add some berries to your pancakes or yoghurt, prepare your eggs anyway you want, either way, you can’t complain about the taste unlike some food considered healthy but are not tasty.