E3 2016 Features a Playable Demo of Halo Wars 2, Upcoming Game Will Probably Focus On the Covenant Forces!

Compared to the original video game, Halo Wars 2 will introduce multiple changes in overall gameplay. Keep in mind that Creative Assembly was behind Alien: Isolation. The team is therefore, well versed in sci-fi tension. They have also rolled out other successful titles like Total War: Rome 2 and Empire: Total War.

When life lower posted two new images, the user did not comment on where they were found. Both these images look similar but the second image includes the title Halo Wars 2, scribed in red.

In this image, you can see UNSC forces being overrun by Covenant forces. This indicates that the game might focus on the Covenant forces this time.

In the battlefield, you will also notice Brutes and Spartans, which indicates that this game takes place somewhere between Halo 2 and Halo 3. This is quite a change in place for the series.

The original Halo Wars was set a few decades after the first Halo: Combat Evolved game. This kept the title separate from the main series. Halo Wars 2 will release on PC and Xbox One during fall. However, Microsoft revealed that a playable demo of this game will be available at E3 this year.

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