Downton Abbey Season 6: Emotional Journey for Creator Julian Fellowes, Actors Spotted On the Sets, And More

Downton Abbey Season 6 will be premiering in UK television later this year. However, the viewers in USA will have to wait until the first half of next year to view it on their television screen.

This being the last season for Downton Abbey, the fans are hoping that all their expectations are met in the finale. Julian Fellowes, the creator and writer of the show has promised the fans that he will tie up all the loose ends in the series.

He isn’t promising a happy ending for all the characters, but he is going to make sure that the fans do not feel cheated with the ending of Downton Abbey Season 6. He knows that there is a tendency to be left wanting for more when a series comes to an end, where fans feel that their expectations were not met or that all their queries and doubts weren’t covered and answered.

Fellowes is working hard to give a completion to the story of each character by the end of Downton Abbey Season 6 so that the ending is a happy one for the viewers and there are no disappointment after their favourite series comes to an end.

Fans have been hoping that Downton Abbey doesn’t end with Season 6, but while Fellowes has said that that is not possible, he has hinted that this might not be the last time that the viewers are going to see the star cast will be seen together in the setting of Downton Abbey.

There are talks about a possible spin-off. Given the kind of popularity the show has witnessed in the last five years, the creator is thinking of a film adaptation, a stage play, musical or a Broadway show based on the television series. Fellowes refused to make any further comments in an attempt to avoid disclosing spoilers about the upcoming season.

Julian Fellowes also discussed that when they had originally started planning Downton Abbey, the show was meant to last for only five seasons because they never could fathom the kind of response the show would get.

With time, as the plot was developed and the fan reactions were taken into account, they realised that five seasons wouldn’t be sufficient and neither would it do justice to the show and therefore the plan to go ahead with Downton Abbey Season 6 so that they can tie all the loose ends together.

There were speculations among fans that Downton Abbey might continue until the Nazi regime of 1930. However, Fellowes denied this rumor stating that he isn’t the correct person to write about the Nazi regime.

Downton Abbey follows the life of the British aristocratic family of the Crawley’s and it has gone through some milestone phases of history- the Great War, Titanic to the Jazz Age. Downton Abbey Season 6 will wrap up five years prior to the coming of the Nazi regime.

Downton Abbey has been one of those very few series that have seen a consistency in the way the plot and characters have been dealt with and this has been possible because the series had one creator and writer since the very first season.

Unlike the other series these days where there is a writer’s room where the team of writers sit to brainstorm and write about the series, Julian Fellowes is the only writer for Downton Abbey and has written every single word on his own. It is no doubt that the wrapping up the series is an emotional journey for him.

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  1. I’m really hoping the Julian Fellowes brings more of the Henry Talbot character to be involved with Lady Mary……A much better match than the others who vied for her hand in marriage….
    She needs someone like Matthew and he is the best one for the job including all the others.
    Regardless I’m looking forward to the final season!

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