DOTA 2 Latest Patch Comes with Coding Lines for Half-Life 3, Rumors and Speculations Rise in Abundance!

After its announcement in May 2006, Half-Life 3 is considered to be the longest developed game. Till now, the game developer hasn’t announced a single thing regarding the possible release date of Half-Life 3.

Till now, Valve has not even released a simple teaser trailer for Half-Life 3 but we continue to notice various kinds of Easter Eggs in games like Mad Max, Dying Light and Shadow of Chernobyl among others.

Newell also spoke about the possible development of Half-Life 3 and said that the only reason they would like to go back and do a super classic kind of product is only if a lot of people at Valve wanted to do it and there should also be a reasonable explanation regarding as to why they want to do it in the first place.

Chet Faliszek is an official employee of the Valve Corporation and he was recently asked whether Half-Life 3 would be available in VR, to which he simply replied with ‘No’.

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