DOTA 2 Latest Patch Comes with Coding Lines for Half-Life 3, Rumors and Speculations Rise in Abundance!

There is a file with a major connection to Half-Life 3 and DOTA 2 fans probably didn’t expect this in their latest game update. Half-Life 3 is the third highly anticipated and extremely awaited chapter in the Half-Life franchise and recently, a lot of rumors and speculations on this topic are surfacing on the internet.

The news was first revealed on the Steam Database Twitter account where it was noticed that Valve might have accidentally added a file called hl2.txt into DOTA 2. On a NeoGAF page, which was responsible for scrutinizing this file, the fact was discovered that the name hl3.txt is not as interesting as the actual contents of this file.

Inside this file, folks have found a lot of stuff like that of ziplines, NPC, procedural generation, FOV along with VR movement. These are the kinds of things that you generally expect to hear from a first-person shooter game rather than a MOBA title like DOTA 2. Neither of this stuff makes any sense to the game it was supposedly attached to.

Considering the name of this file, the internet is abuzz with a lot of rumors and speculations regarding the long-awaited, highly-anticipated sequel in the Half-Life franchise. There have been a lot of rumors regarding Half-Life 3 development and proof regarding its existence but none of it ever led to anything which can be considered solid proof, until now!

However, at the moment, it is clear that Steam really likes to keep trolling fans regarding Half-Life 3. Now, what we must think about is whether the people at Steam are heartless characters who like to mock something people crave so much or whether they are simply keeping the hype alive till the game finally releases.

At the moment, people are greatly waiting for an announcement on the official release timeline for Half-Life 3. Till then, people could find as many incriminating items they like but they don’t meant anything till an official declaration is issued.

In case you’ve been living under a rock or you are too young, you probably know nothing about the games like Half-Life, Half-Life 2 Episode 1 and Half-Life 2 Episode 2. Keep in mind that these titles were the pioneers of most of the modern shooters that we have today.

From games like these, it became evident even in a first-person modern shooter game; a nice story can be detailed. These games were a lot of fun and they did things which were not only interesting but also quite exciting. They finally led to the formation of games like CounterStrike and Team Fortress 2 and they have active communities to this day.

The latest addition of a patch to Half-Life 2 sparked a great deal of excitement while games considered this possible tease from the developer, in the form of the hl3.txt file. According to GameInformer, there was no mention of Half or Life but the name hl3 is a clear indication that it was all about Half-Life 3. You will notice lines of code like this, pertaining to a zipline:





string m_Id = “Element.prop_zipline”

string m_FriendlyName = “prop_zipline”

string m_TooltipOverride = “”

string m_HelpText = “prop_zipline””

According to the lines of code present in the file, IGN deduced that the file was talking about how a small squad of NPC will share information about the enemy and at the same time, they will be able to give cover to one another while attacking.

With the mention of VR Chaperone and VR Movement, it can be expected that there is probably a possibility of the game being compatible with Valve’s Lighthouse technology and HTC Vive headset. This discovery does provide a certain hope regarding the development of Half-Life3 but keep in mind that Valve is notorious for playing pranks providing false clues.