Dota 2 ESL One Frankfurt Hit a Record One-Million Concurrent Viewers, Dota 2 Reborn is a Game for All Ages, And More

We wanted to hear about an announcement on Half-Life 3 but Valve and Gabe Newell disappointed us yet again (still keep the faith!). However, the recent development of Dota 2 Reborn is not at all a new concept.

With Reborn, the objectives of Valve are quite different and this is not only because the cash keeps generating by keeping people close to buy crates, eSports tickets and cosmetic items. However, Dota 2 Reborn promises huge possibilities.

For a long time, first person shooter games have been the building blocks for other popular titles and the original DOTA served to be a hugely popular mod of Warcraft III. In fact, Blizzard tried to do something similar with Starcraft Arcade, where you can enjoy things like the battle arena Gridfall and the RTS/puzzle hybrid Starjewelled.

Sadly, it never received a successful initiation even though the games could be played using the Free Starter Edition. It has also been a long time since games talked of something like that.

When you are talking of something like this, nothing beats Minecraft. However, even then there are many disparate mods instead of a single ecosystem.

Custom games are available straight from the menu in the new Dota client. Since it was released, people have already made new games like the all-time popular Pudge Wars, and a kart racing game.

However, like everything, there will be certain downsides in Dota 2 Reborn. There are sure to be limits that have not been mentioned in Valve’s announcements. Gamers are bound to be flooded by atrocious mods and several issues that are expected in the beta phase.

Meanwhile, the next Dota 2 ESL event will take place at the New York Super Week on 3rd-4th October at the Madison Square Garden Theater. ESL’s One Frankfurt 2015 a top concurrent viewership of more than one million. It was held in the Commerzbank-Arena for the second time now and gathered 15000 Dota fans on each day.

This tournament hosted some of the best teams from all over the world and came to an end after an exciting four days of world-class Dota action. The event was extremely popular as foot-traffic hit over 30,000 during the weekend. Fans were delighted to witness a Clash of the Titans, when Team Secret beat out three-time ESL-One finalists, Evil Geniuses.

Team Secret gathered up a major portion of the US$298,135 prize pool. Meanwhile, in the Cosplay Convention, a second champion was awarded. He is a Timbersaw costume maker from the Czech Republic, who invested more than 300 hours in the final product.