Doom Releasing in The Next Month, Open Beta Held Recently, Fans Left Dissatisfied with The Game!

Doom is an upcoming first person action shooting game that is being developed by id Software. It will be released for the platforms of PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on May 13 by Bethesda Softworks.

A closed beta testing of the multiplayer version of the game was recently held which began from March 31. Originally, only fans who had pre-ordered Wolfenstein: The New Order or had purchased a digital copy of the game before May 26, 2014 were the ones who had access to the Doom multiplayer beta.

However, it was reported that special codes were given to fans who visited their local GameStop or EB Games outlets between April 1 and April 3. These codes were actually Doom Closed Beta access codes which enabled fans to access the game even if they had not purchased or pre-ordered Wolfenstein: The New Order before May 26, 2014.

An open beta was also released for the game. The open beta began on April 15 and it came to end on April 17. Various reports suggest that feedback from fans regarding the beta are mostly negative and this is definitely a reason to worry for the developers.

At one point in time the number of negative reviews for the game was almost double the number of positive reviews for it. Some fans are of the opinion that the developers did not go back to the roots when it came to developing the game. Many fans are even claiming that “this isn’t Doom.”

One of the major issues that is coming to the forefront is related to the Rocket Launcher weapon. The Rocket Launcher is supposed to be one of the most powerful weapons of the game, yet players claim that even after hitting an enemy directly with a rocket from the weapon, the enemy does not die. Even the Shotgun is more powerful than the Rocket Launcher.

That being said, a single Shotgun round from a close distance won’t kill an enemy either. A minimum of two rounds will be required to take down an enemy even in a close encounter. Players who are playing the game on PC are complaining that the controls are way more complicated for a Doom game.

Apparently, the design of the game is such that it is more suited for gamers who will play it on consoles. This ill-treatment of the PC gamers by the developers have reportedly both angered and humiliated them.

In previous Doom games it was seen that a player could move around with a number of weapons all of which were usable during combat. However, in the case of this game, the maximum number of weapons that a player can carry at a time is two.

Many fans are stating that the developers have made the game more Halo like than Doom. In Halo it is seen that players can jump to insane heights and the same can be done in the new Doom too.

Another reminiscence that Doom shares with Halo is that the players are capable of taking an awful amount of damage before finally going down. The scenario is same in the case of a Halo game in which taking down a player requires a lot of bullets.

The collection of weapons in the game are not innovative too. The Shotgun is not only weak; it is quite slow too and the Rocket Launcher certainly does not hit like a Rocket Launcher should do.

That apart, the game contains some Assault and Plasma rifles, Vortex rifle, Lightning Gun and a Sniper rifle too. A power weapon called Gauss Cannon is also included.

As for equipment, the game packs Frag Grenades, Siphon Grenades and Personal Teleporter. Two game modes will be available in it and they are- Warpath and 6v6 Team Deathmatch.