Donald Trump Endorses Paul Ryan In US Election, Claims Election Will Be Rigged If Hillary Clinton Wins, Calls For Strengthening Of Voter ID Laws

Donald Trump has stated that Bernie Sanders had lost against Clinton because of a rigged system, and he made the same statement while addressing a rally in Columbus, where he spoke about the US Election being marred by corruption.

These speeches made by Trump are being frowned upon by many. They feel that these statements, with no explanation, undermine the legitimacy of the US Election system.

The Republican politicians and officials have called for toughening of laws for voter identification. Some experts have come out to state that fraud during the general election is rare, not common as Trump might have us believe.

However, these comments have caused the voters to be skeptical of the voting system and have reduced their faith in it. The voter ID laws will be strictly enforced for the US Election on the 8th of November, and the enforcing officers are sure that the election results aren’t going to be rigged.

In the latest US Election battle, Hillary Clinton has got the backing from CIA director Michael Morrell, who feels that making Donald Trump the President of the country would make it less safe. It should also be brought into consideration that Hillary Clinton is far more qualified than Donald Trump when it comes to politics.

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