Donald Trump Endorses Paul Ryan In US Election, Claims Election Will Be Rigged If Hillary Clinton Wins, Calls For Strengthening Of Voter ID Laws

The Americans are far from happy with the way the whole race to the Presidential election has been shaping up. Donald Trump has finally taken the step to steer his campaign for the Republican party, with his endorsement of the US House Speaker, Paul Ryan. Donald Trump had met with an obstacle on his race to becoming the next President of America when he failed to endorse Paul Ryan earlier in the week.

Trump said that he needed a Republican Senate and House so that they could pass all the new changes they plan on making after the Presidential election. Trump did acknowledge that there are going to be disagreements while discussing on some of the issues that he has in mind, but they are all going to be debated over and then decided.

Apart from Paul Ryan, Donald Trump also endorsed John McCain from Arizona and Kelly Ayotte from New Hampshire during the US Election rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Wisconsin happens to be the home state of Paul Ryan, but he was absent from the rally.

Paul Nehlen, his primary challenger, was however present for the rally. Paul Ryan’s absence can be seen as a sign of the growing friction between Donald Trump and his party for the US Election.

Paul Ryan hadn’t been supportive of Donald Trump getting the Republican ticket for the race to becoming the President in the US Election.  He had said that Trump wasn’t there yet and he wasn’t fit for the role. This apparently didn’t go down well with Trump, and he came out hard on Paul Ryan. Trump went on to state that he wouldn’t endorse Paul Ryan since he wasn’t quite there yet himself.

Donald Trump seems to have understood that things aren’t looking up for him in the US Election. He had to go back and retract his statements about Ryan, McCain, and Ayotte. He had said that McCain hadn’t done enough for the US war veterans and had blamed Ayotte for distancing herself from him during the campaign.

Donald Trump had faced a backlash from both Ryan and McCain when he attacked the bereaved parents of the US Muslim soldier, Humayun Khan, who was killed in Iraq in a car bomb blast back in 2004.

ABC reported that Donald Trump had to take steps to get his US Election campaign back on track after he faced a lot of criticism and saw the projection poll numbers moving for Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton. Trump has revealed that he is going to bring in a team of economic advisors to work on his plans to boost the US economy.

Donald Trump is a big name in the real estate world, and it was a shock when he decided to run for President in the 2016 US Election. More shocking was the fact that he ended up becoming the front runner for the Republican party.

The rallies that Donald Trump has been organizing do see a lot of supporters, who are blindly following his every word. However there are many who don’t feel that Donald Trump is fit to be the President of the USA.

According to, Donald Trump has said that he will consider the US Election for the President of the country to be rigged if he doesn’t win against the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. This statement has caused panic, and also sets into motion the fact that Trump isn’t going to accept Clinton’s win and is already creating a civil unrest.